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     Company with its main aim the import and the installation of:
  • Security Systems
  • Cameras
  • DVR
  • CCTV
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Fire Detectors
  • Anti-thiet Systems 
  • Access Control
  • Spy Cams      



  1.        Easy to install and use LCD display shows alarm system status at a glance
  2.        Rolling Codes prevents unwanted code grabbing
  3.        Support up to 63 sensors and 3 wired inputs to trigger any DVR and IP cameras
  4.        Two way intercom and listen -in feature which allows instant communication 
  5.        Arm and disarm system with the remote control, keypad or by any phones
  6.        Powerful external siren deters intruders when alarm is activated
  7.        Fire and medical panic modes immediately activates the Emergency
  8.        Phone Message Alert distinguishes the type of emergency activated
  9.        Home arming provides perimeter sensor prodection
  10.        Back light LCD,  Keypad LED with saving power mode

       Frequency: 303 MHz / 433 MHz

       Power source: AC adapter , DC 12V

       Power consumption: 50mA (idle) , 200mA when activated

       Dimensions: 26 x 17 x 3.5 (cm) L x W x H



   ◎ LCD display showing all 63 sensors and operation menu indication.
   ◎ 3 speed dial function
   ◎ HELP button for one touch panic dialing
   ◎ RF range: 150 feet in open air space
   ◎ Security code: Hopping code
   ◎ Resonator: SAW resonator.
   ◎ Dial type: Tone
   ◎ Alarm activation: 1-255 seconds selectable
   ◎ Preset 6 telephone numbers: 20 digits for each number.
   ◎ Password: Install and Master. Maximum 6 digits each
   ◎ Back-up battery (optional): Approximately 12 hours.

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